Tharwat Davids

From: £10.30

per hour

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Secondary Education

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Software Skills

Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack

Tharwat Davids is a seasoned Customer Support specialist with five years of extensive experience, specializing in German language support. His proficiency in providing exceptional customer assistance is enhanced by his proficiency in utilizing key tools such as Zendesk, Slack, and Microsoft platforms for effective communication and support delivery.

Tharwat’s career has been characterized by his unwavering dedication to delivering outstanding customer experiences. His adeptness in using various support platforms underscores his adaptability and technical prowess. Tharwat’s commitment to resolving inquiries and offering efficient solutions positions him as a dependable resource for delivering tailored support experiences in the German market.

Whether optimizing workflows, addressing customer needs, or ensuring clear communication in German, Tharwat’s customer-focused approach and proficiency with support tools make him an invaluable asset for any team seeking to provide exceptional German language customer support services.

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