Richard Phokeng

From: £10.30

per hour

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Age Group

Highest Level Of Education

Secondary Education

Industry Experience



Customer Support

Software Skills

Microsoft Office, Zendesk, Slack, CircleLoop

Richard Phokeng is a dedicated professional specializing in Customer Support within the Health & Wellness industry. With a passion for assisting others, he excels in providing exceptional customer service to ensure the well-being and satisfaction of clients.

As a Customer Support specialist, Richard possesses excellent communication and interpersonal skills, allowing him to engage with customers in a friendly and empathetic manner. He is committed to understanding their needs and concerns, offering personalized solutions to meet their individual requirements.

Richard’s expertise in the Health & Wellness sector equips him to guide customers through various health-related inquiries, including wellness programs, medical services, and insurance coverage. His in-depth knowledge allows him to provide accurate and relevant information, enhancing customer trust and confidence.

With a customer-centric approach, Richard Phokeng strives to exceed expectations in every interaction. He is dedicated to resolving customer issues promptly and efficiently, ensuring a positive and seamless support experience.

Beyond his technical skills, Richard’s genuine care for the well-being of clients sets him apart as a compassionate and reliable support professional. His commitment to improving the lives of others makes him a valuable asset in the Health & Wellness sector.

In conclusion, Richard Phokeng’s expertise in Customer Support, combined with his specialization in the Health & Wellness industry, makes him an exceptional resource for delivering outstanding support services. With his strong communication skills and genuine dedication to customer well-being, he is well-suited to contribute to the success and growth of any organization in the Health & Wellness sector.

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