Juanita Van Heerden

From: £10.30

per hour

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Age Group

Highest Level Of Education

Secondary Education

Industry Experience



Customer Support

Software Skills

Microsoft Office, Zendesk, Slack, CircleLoop

Juanita Van Heerden is a seasoned Customer Support professional with three years of hands-on experience in the Health & Wellness sector. Her proficiency in assisting and engaging customers has been honed through her extensive use of platforms like Slack, Microsoft, Zendesk, and Circleloop. Juanita’s strong communication skills and in-depth product knowledge enable her to provide effective solutions and ensure a positive customer experience.

Having worked in the dynamic Health & Wellness industry, Juanita understands the unique needs and expectations of clients. Her ability to navigate various support tools and systems showcases her adaptability and technical prowess. Juanita’s dedication to delivering top-tier assistance, coupled with her familiarity with multiple communication channels, positions her as a valuable asset for any team seeking to provide excellent customer support within the Health & Wellness realm.

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