Core Services

Mutlilingual Omnichannel Customer Support

Experience customer-centric agents to provide 24/7. 365 days support to your clients. At ARC your support team, is just that, your support team.  The agents represents your brand and identity and a lot of care is given to their training and coaching.

Native Languages Supported: English. French, Portuguese, Dutch and German

Technical Support

World class technical support on most software suites as well as custom application or product support.

Tier 1 to 3 Tech Support Agents

Native Languages Supported: English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch

Appointment Scheduling, Activation Campaigns and Research

Want to introduce your brand or business but you find yourself on hold or speaking to gatekeepers for 70% of the time? With ARC you can skip the gatekeepers, out of office notices and jump directly into your meeting with the right decision maker. 
ARC also provides a high volume campaign activation services as well as market research.

Native Languages Supported: English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch

Outbound Sales

Experienced B2B and B2C Sales Agents are typically hard to attract and even harder to retain.  We have spent a lot of time and energy in not only attracting top caliber sales talent but also developing sales agents from within our talent pool.

Native Languages Supported: English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch


No matter what the size of your business, cashflow will always be a priority and one of the key elements to ensuring a healthy cashflow, is ensuring your debtors book is up to date.  Sometimes you only need a friendly reminder, other times you need to make a call.  We have agents that collect your book without damage to your brand image.

Native Languages Supported: English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch

Admin and Niche Services

Whether you need accounting/finance clerks, HR and Payroll administrators or something a little more specialized such as a designer or developer. We have pre-screened agents to assist you.

Native Languages Supported: English, French, Portuguese, German and Dutch

Dedicated Services vs Shared Services

Dedicated Services

Our in-house term Dedicated Services, is in essence an offshore office for our clients. 

What can you expect with a dedicated service agreement?

In essence, your agents are setup in their own private office, with dedicated machinery and furnishings for their exclusive use.
You may choose to be hands on with their day to day management and training or ARC will appoint a Team Leader and Account Manager that will take care of the teams daily management and development.  
Your Team Leader/s work closely with ARC’s management team to ensure training, payroll and infrastructure is taken care of.
Your ARC team integrates fully into your platforms such as CRM,  internal chat facilities and other online infrastructure you may use for your day to day operations.  

Dedicated services are acquired and secured with a Service Level Agreement.

Perfect for medium to large or specialized teams.

Shared Services

Shared Services are exactly that, shared.  Your agents are placed on a shared floor with other agents.

They share a team leader, QA and Account Manager.

We place agents based on the specific service, i.e. Outbound Sales share a floor, Customer Support will share a floor and Administrative staff will be placed together.  This ensures each team works in the optimal environment for their service requirements.

Each team leader/s on the shared services floors are specialists in their discipline and can take charge of up to 30 agents per shared services team.

Each account agent will have his or her own login for their workstation, and all logins and user stations are governed by the highest security protocols to ensure confidentiality.  Agents have privacy screens and placements are made in such a way that each agent retains sole access to their work.

Shared Services are great for small teams and clients who wish to capitilize on the “sales deck” environment.

Send us a quick assessment of your outsourcing needs, our team will put together a detailed proposal tailored to your specific requirements.

Get a quick estimate of costs for placing agents with ARC vs the cost of placing staff in-house.