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Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

A glance back

Farah specialises in Business Operations and started her career in an outbound call centre achieving best leadership awards in all categories 9 years in a row. This experience spanned a period of 10 years and later included the Development, Operations, Service delivery, and Customer service, of various inbound call centres servicing many extraordinarily successful companies throughout South Africa. 


Co- Founder and Developer of Onyx Group Holdings, Farah spearheaded the organisation from 5 staff members to a complement of close to 270. Turning over 100’s of millions per annum. Her role as CEO of Onyx Group Holdings included the development of 4 wholly owned subsidiaries. Her leadership resulted in the group being nominated for the Arch of Europe award in Frankfurt, Germany in 2017 and in that year, she accepted the award in the Gold category for Leadership and Innovation in Business. She was also at the helm of the Group’s B2B Travel supplier, Meridian Travel Services where she was instrumental in getting the company nominated for the World’s leading Travel Club in 2014. A year later she ensured the company was geared to win this award and they achieved just that. Making them the first South African company to win World’s Leading Travel Club 2015. 

A proud alumnus of the University of Liverpool, she has an MBA and intends on completing her Phd in Psychology. She specializes in Business Development, Globalization and Business Leadership. Her degrees in Psychology, and experience in Human Resources, Operations and Strategic leadership, has proven to be the driving force behind many organisations’ success. She has over 17 years of Call Centre experience, complimented by her Online Sales and Marketing studies with the University of Cape Town.

She commands a leadership style that is objective driven and results in tangible, strategic change within any business. This applies to both on and off-site operations. According to Farah, her success is mainly due to her love and understanding of Human beings and their behaviour. Having a sound knowledge of why people behave in the manner that they do is not only imperative in Leadership, but is the foundation of building phenomenal teams, departments, business processes and ultimately successful businesses.

Farah & ARC Business Process Outsourcing
Joined 2019

When asked why she started ARC, Farah explained that to her it was a natural progression of her career.  Having conceptualized, implemented and managed several call centres during her impressive 20 year career, it was a simple decision to start ARC and offer this very expertise to other companies globally.

Farah remains extremely hands on in every aspect of the business, even so far as taking up a seat of a agent for a day to test systems, reports and results for projects.