Customer Support Services

Our 24/7/365 Customer Support services are available in English, German and French. Our focus is not solely on the call but on the overall customer experience. We consider this service as part of our core services.

Outbound appointments/Transfers

Trying to connect with the right people, at the right time but finding that getting past the multiple gatekeepers and answering machines is consuming valuable time from your experienced sales staff or executives?  Let ARC Business Process Outsourcing take care of the leg work for you.  Once the correct initial contact has been made, our staff simply hand over the appointment to your experienced staff.

Technical Support/Help Desk Services

Our multi-channel, multi-lingual support services range from Level 1 to 3 Technical Support.  We offer anything from user support for on-site and cloud-based applications and services to assist end-users and B2B clients with platform agnostic and data connectivity.

Multilingual Contact Centre

By far the largest contributing factor for companies outsourcing to South Africa.  Our call centre staff are all fully bilingual.  ARC Business Process Outsourcing specializes in 3 primary languages. English, French and German.  All staff are fully bilingual or multilingual and undergo extensive language skill testing pre-employment with ARC.

All Contact Centre Services are tailored to your specific needs.
We offer 3 basic plans to our clients.


  • Single project assignment
  • Extensive knowledge base training
  • 24/7 Dedicated to a single client performing multi-channel support

Long term solution for clients looking for a full time customer service solution.

Shared Agent

  • Agents working on multiple client projects.
  • Access to all client information and tools.


Great value for money if you are looking to extend or add to your existing contact centre services.

Project Based

  • Single project assignment
  • Extensive knowledge base training
  • 24/7 Dedicated to a single client performing multi-channel support

Excellent solution for once off campaigns or a temporary increase in

Meet, and listen to, our top performers from each of our teams.

Working at ARC Business Process Outsourcing has given me the opportunity to gain invaluable experience and insights into the global market.
Alexander Muller
Inbound Service Agent
- German Division
Our success can only be measured by our clients success. Access to the best tools and equipped with an extensive knowledge base, the sky is the limit.
Matthieu Chatry
Inbound Service Agent
- French Division

Software Solutions

What to expect when you make the move to outsourcing/offshoring:

You have made the best choice for your business to date and you are ready to put shoulder to the wheel.  But now what?

Just what will be required to get your outsourcing/offshoring venture off the ground and operating as just another division of your business?



In this phase, a thorough and detailed plan will be created for a flawless transition and knowledge acquisition to happen. This plan will include the names of all the participants and will also include a deadline for every activity. At this stage, the project team will also chart out a detailed technology evaluation plan and a business continuity plan. All the plans made in this phase will be signed-off by the stakeholders.

You will be appointed an Account Manager who will spearhead the entire Contact Centre Project from the planning phases through to the day to day overseeing of your project.

The Account Manager will report everything about the project to the business stakeholders, via a project plan. The Account Manager will be joined by a training facilitator, a Technology Manager and an Operations Manager.




In this phase of the project starts with a kick-off meeting with all the key stakeholders, to make sure that adequate resources are allocated to commence the knowledge acquisition. The Account Manager will acquire the assistance of networking, documentation and system experts to identify process details, benchmarks and call flows. These details will be documented and evaluated by the client. Reports and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will also be captured and documented at this stage.


The project team will map people skills to each process to make sure that the right competencies are identified before the recruitment begins. Before this stage ends, the team will ensure that all the required documentations are approved and signed-off by the client.



This phase begins with the various Team Leaders, responsible for the project execution, executing the various plans that were developed and signed-off in the previous stages of the project. Next, the technology infrastructure will be deployed.  Experts will then perform availability testing on the infrastructure. Various back-ups will also be taken.

The hiring plan will commence with the delivery team getting introduced to the project with induction and communication training. The agents and Team Leaders of the project will be given project-specific training from the Training Facilitator/s. All the members of the team will be required to clear a process knowledge evaluation before they begin answering live calls.

The infrastructure and systems used for the project will be tested against varied measurement parameters. A test run of the infrastructure will be carried out to authenticate the technology and stability of the process from offshore business facilities. After obtaining the approval of the stakeholders and the client, the project team will go forward with the “Kick Off phase”.


Kick Off

Once all project parameters have been monitored and met, the project will commence with “On the minute” hands-on monitoring by the Technical Team, the Facilitator/s and the Account Manager to ensure a smooth rollout of the service.

During the rollout period, a detailed daily report will be sent to the stakeholders and we suggest daily touch base meetings with the relevant stakeholders to optimize the service.