Busting Myths about South Africa

When it comes to South Africa, there are a few common misconceptions. Some believe that South Africa is an expansive desert, completely surrounded by wild animals.  South Africa, with its rich history and diverse culture,  is as illustrious as it gets. Dramatic landscapes, exotic wildlife and its wonders draw crowds of tourists every year. Whether it is Durban, Cape Town or Johannesburg, the country is nothing but a paradise. An increasingly popular holiday destination, it’s quite ironic that South Africa is shrouded in a dozen of misconceptions. From silly rumours about crime rate in South Africa to the popular belief that wild animals roam the streets, you’ll actually be surprised by the absurd nature of some of these stereotypes.


Here are 3 of the most common misconceptions/myths that are completely false:


Myth #1: The Language Barrier

Many people worry about the fact that they might struggle to communicate when travelling or even having business partners in South Africa. This is definitely a legitimate fear, but it is unlikely to be the case in South Africa. The country boasts 11 official languages and fortunately, English is one of them. On top of that, the vast majority of South Africans speak English and coupled with the fact that South Africans are known for being friendly and helpful, you will be more than fine getting around with their assistance and building relationships/partnerships.


Myth #2: South Africa is Technologically Lacking or “Behind the times”

I mean… Did you really expect South Africa to still be on dial up? South Africa is one of the MOST technologically resourced countries in Africa, and still expanding. Did you know that over 60% of internet traffic generated on the African content originates in South Africa. Despite the many problems South Africa faces in terms of inequality and poverty, our broadband speeds are rated amongst the top 100 in the world , and more than half of its citizens have access to the internet.

Myths #3: Underdeveloped Country

South Africa is a country filled with diversity and opportunity. More and more people are coming to see this country, at the southern tip of Africa, as a great place to invest their money. Why? Over time South Africa has proved itself to be developing a dynamic emerging market economy. There are also a variety of opportunities in different sectors for those interested in putting their money into South Africa. One reason is the healthy business and legal environment. South Africa has a well-developed legal framework in matters relating to labor and commerce. They have adopted international standards regarding patents, trademarks, competition, copyright and disputes.