Anya Strydom

Chief Operations Officer

& Co-Founder

In charge of the operational side of ARC, Anya ensures that all departments deliver optimum services for each account.  From HR & Training to Service Delivery and Infrastructure, ARC benefits from Anya’s extensive experience in “keeping the engine humming”.

Anya’s passion for systems and new technology to power and improve systems stands ARC in good steed and ensures ARC is able to provide the best infrastructure to it’s clients at all times. 

ARC is Anya’s true passion and was born during the first few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic, speaking to customers and identifying the dire need of companies based in the UK, US and Europe to have flexible, affordable options to maintain their customer support and sales departments. Having managed several large contact centres, both inbound and outbound, and understanding the scope of the South African labour landscape, it was clear that South Africa and the Western Cape in particular could offer a solution to said companies.

Then, as the world started returning to the new normal, Anya realized that the need had by no means changed and actively started onboarding new accounts, focussing on start-ups and scale-ups. Small teams with a dedicated support team around them.

Where do we go from here? 
ARC aims to focus on the niche, the startup’s and the scaleups and grow with its clients.